Inspiring Sports Stories is a blog acknowledging and celebrating the people who have inspired us in our sporting journey.

These are YOUR stories and they can be about…

…a friend (or some random stranger) who cheered you on as you struggled to finish the final mile of your first marathon (or 3K race). A parent who got up at five in the morning to take you to hockey practice. A coach who saw something in you no one else did. An instructor who spent countless hours helping you perfect your jump-shot, slapshot, or curve ball. A teacher or friend who kept pestering you to join the gymnastics club or highschool soccer squad. A medical professional who helped you recover from an injury. A teammate, sibling or opposing player who always pushed you to work harder, get better, never give up. A player who made you think, ‘Yes! This is why I coach.’ A pro athlete who encouraged you with a few kind words, a fist-bump or by simply watching them play. Basically anyone who, for whatever reason, inspired you in your sporting journey.

So, who INSPIRED you? Let me know. Let the world know. Stories can be 15 or 515 words. Just write them down, send them to glsportstories@protonmail.com and they’ll be posted on the Inspiring Sports Stories blog.

Really looking forward to reading about who inspired you!!!

P.S., when sending in your Inspiring Sport Story, it’d be great if you just gave me your first name or your initials, plus your age and where you live (country, state, province, etc.). * This goes for the person who inspired you, too. If you want to keep them relatively anonymous, as you’re writing, just do something like, ‘Coach K always brought out the best in me…’  or ‘If it wasn’t for my Aunt, I don’t think I would have…’ or ‘There was this girl, #17, on the opposing team who…’

While you’re looking to see if your story has been posted yet, feel free to read what others have contributed. Comment on their stories. Write some inspiring feedback!

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